Let’s get our hands on this brilliant game ■ Square it! simple and delightful gameplay as it’s big brother ∞ Infinity Loop. This entire section is dedicated to this awesome puzzle and we’ll be solving all those levels in ■ Square it! that seems quite too hard for humans.


Check out bellow is our list of Square it! solutions by levels:

List of levels / ■ Square it solutions

■ Square it! is one of those super simple puzzles that almost doesn’t need any instruction, because the mechanics feels so natural and intuitive.

Don’t get me wrong, it does not means every level on ■ Square it! will be easy, believe me it gets quite challenging later on.

This is a very large game, which is good you have plenty of levels to keep you busy for weeks.

About graphics there’s nothing to complain, ■ Square it! has this minimal style/vibe and a soft relaxing colors pallet.

Same goes to the soundtrack, smooth sounds and the ambient music is very pleasant and comfortable.

Performance in this Square it solutions is just flawless, games as minimal as this doesn’t need that much resources usually (which is good).

Is quite addictive I must admit while making this Square it solutions I’ve found myself playing it very often just for fun.

So… in conclusion this is a beautiful puzzle that you’ll love for sure.

You know what to do, if you get stuck come visit our Square it solutions and get it solved.

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