I know it gets frustrating trying to fin a Plumber 2 Walkthrough for that level that you just can’t seem to resolve, and it gets worse since the app Plumber 2 only allows you to see one solution every 24 hours (that’s insane).


Well no more hassle trying to find a walkthrough, solution or answer path for a Plumber 2 stage…

Check out our list of Plumber 2 Walkthrough of every level currently available in the game:

List of Plumber 2 Walkthrough Level Pack 1

Very very fun not-so-little game app Plumber 2 is, pretty addictive too. I’ve spend a few hours per week making the Plumber 2 Walkthrough but there were sometimes when I just wanted to keep playing Plumber 2 just for fun.

Ads get’s quite annoying since they popup at the end of almost every level that you get through, but once you learn the trick to skip them you’ll get used to the Plumber 2 ads system.

If you’ve played Plumber 1 first thing you’ll notice that Plumber 2 has a whole bunch more levels which is good Plumber 1 was nice but seemed short in stages to get through also Plumber 2 is quite more difficult from the get-go early levels at least in Level Pack 1 where significantly harder than it’s predecessor.

About the music, personally I didn’t like it. Had to turn it off not so far from starting to play it, would love something more relaxing. Not that bad whatsoever, just not my favorite for this kind of games and less for making Plumber 2 Walkthrough which is a pretty long task.

Finding the answers was the downside about Plumber 2 but now you simply can check our Plumber 2 Walkthrough section and easily find the answer / solution to every Plumber 2 level.

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