Fun but short game, as you can see on our MJ ROOM Escape Game Walkthrough, It only took a couple of hours to solve.


Bellow on video is the MJ ROOM Escape Game Walkthrough all the game with all the hints and answers you’ll need to get it done. Enjoy:

MJ ROOM Escape Game Walkthrough:


In terms of mechanics, there’s not much difference from other room escape titles.

Simply point and click, find all the hints and solve the puzzle.

Very entertaining game, I truly had a great time with MJ ROOM Escape Game.

If this isn’t your first room escape game, you will definitely enjoy MJ ROOM Escape Game Walkthrough.

For beginners it will be quite challenging.

In those cases or if you get stuck is some part, you can simply visit our MJ ROOM Escape Game Walkthrough and find the solutions easily.

So overall a great app you’ll definitely have a good time.

Runs smoothly on both of our devices (Android and iOS).

The goal in MJ ROOM is simple.

Escape from this closed room by finding items and solving mysteries.

Easy task with our walkthroughs.

So that’s it for this time.

Hope you’ll get through the whole game like a pro.

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