MechBox 2 Level 4 Walkthrough and How to complete it!

MechBox 2 Level 4 Walkthrough


Let’s solve MechBox 2 Level 4, shall we?. MechBox 2 claims to be the Hardest Puzzle Ever, well if it indeed was too hard for you, here’s how we got level 4 successfully completed.


Check out bellow the level 4 walkthrough:

MechBox 2 Level 4 Walkthrough:



Not sure if MechBox 2 Level 4 is the hardest puzzle ever but it is indeed one pretty challenging puzzle game.

MechBox 2 Level 4 runs smooth it on both Android and iOS.

In the art department they did a solid job, graphics are just great, nice colors and illustrations.

This one like it’s predecessor did not disappoint at all in fact I enjoyed playing MechBox 2 a little more than the first one, mainly because 99% of the bugs are gone.

If you like very challenging puzzles this is definitely for you.

Although MechBox 2 Level 4 can be a bit too hard if this is your first app in the puzzles genre.

The main challenge at the begging (at least for me) was figuring out how the boxes works.

Once you get the idea of how the boxes works it will be a lot easier.

To conclude, MechBox 2 Level 4 is a must have for every puzzle freak like us.

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