Lines Physics Drawing Puzzle brings us this very catchy new style of puzzle, with 5 different game modes: Point, Erase, Cut, Draw and Mix. We’ve collected every Lines Physics Drawing Puzzle solutions and walkthrough every level so you can use it as a guide to beat the level and get the gold trophy.


Bellow is our list of Lines Physics Drawing Puzzle Solutions by game mode:

List of Levels / Lines Physics Drawing Puzzle Solutions

You’ll be surprised how often you will find yourself playing this game during the day after playing it for the first time, it’s quite addictive and pretty satisfactory to get those shinny gold trophies on every level, like a pro!.

How to get Gold Trophies?

To get a gold trophy you must beat that level three (3) times in a row.

How to get Silver Trophies?

To get a silver trophy you must beat a level two (2) times in a row.

How many levels are in Lines Physics Drawing Puzzle?

Currently there are 250 levels across 5 game modes.

How many have we solved?

All 250 of them, simply pick the level from our list above and enjoy the Lines Physics Drawing Puzzle solutions walkthrough.

Is it cool?

Indeed, Lines Physics Drawing Puzzle is a pretty cool game app. Ads can be quite annoying though.

What makes it cool?

It’s unique style makes it pretty cool, and we’ve found next to none bugs and glitches while playing, performance is great it runs smoothly on our Android devices no matter how long we’ve been playing.

How about mechanics?

Lines Physics Drawing Puzzle has very intuitive mechanics, with simple movements you’ll achieve everything you need easily.

Are you stuck on a level of Lines Physics Drawing Puzzle?

You’re in the right place then, check out above our extensive list of Lines Physics Drawing Puzzle solutions with every level walkthrough on video. Simply pick your level on the list, repeat the movements on your device, and get it done easily.

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