So here we have the solutions to every level of Hook the minimal, smart and exquisite puzzle game made by Maciej Targoni and music by Wojciech Wasiak. This is a very smooth and even relaxing puzzle with a beautiful style that will get you “hooked” instantly.


Bellow is the list of Hook‘s level solutions:

List of levels / Hook Walkthroughs

Hook is probably the most minimalist puzzle app that I’ve played ever.

Maciej Targoni (the developer) is taking minimalism seriously in this one.

There’s no menus, no achievements, it’s just you and a puzzle.

With that in mind there’s not much to talk about, right?.

Worth to mention that, some levels get pretty challenging.

Nothing impossible though, if this is your first puzzle of this kind it’s definitely gonna be quite hard but no worries, that’s why we’re here for.

So hope this Hook walkthrough will provide you all the help you need to complete it.

See you on the next level, have fun!.

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