Welcome to our GOLDRAGON : Time Attack Walkthrough is a very simple game you can even play it with only one hand. The mission is this: Destroy the castle as fast as you can!!.


Check out our GOLDRAGON : Time Attack Walkthrough bellow:

GOLDRAGON : Time Attack Walkthrough


Okay so you must destroy the castle by hitting it with the lizard.

Every time you hit the castle, a coin will drop.

This coins will allows you to buy the lizard some upgrades.

Also when you hit the castle continuously the multiplier (on top of the castle) will increase.

The higher the multiplier, the more coins will drop.

So the perfect strategy for this GOLDRAGON : Time Attack walkthrough is to hit the castle until the multiplier is at max, and then go pick up all the coins.. then repeat it.

Very fun game, quite addictive but I wish there were more upgrades available in the store.

Graphics and performance are OK! I always appreciate when developers avoid the popup ads in middle of the game (this is not the case).

So that’s it for this GOLDRAGON : Time Attack Walkthrough.

Hope you like the game as much as I did. See you on the next one.

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