This is our: Escape Game Aloha Walkthrough. The game is not too hard but enough to make you wonder for the answer for a while. You are in a villa floating over the sea, find and combine items, solve the puzzles and you’ll be able to escape.


So enjoy, bellow is our complete walkthrough:

Escape Game Aloha Walkthrough:


This Escape Game Aloha Walkthrough will definitely help you get through the whole game easily.

I don’t really know why would anybody want to escape such a beautiful place.

Some tasks are really easy, mostly at the beginning.

It gets quite harder after the 10 minutes into the Escape Game Aloha Walkthrough.

If you have some experience with room escape games, this one will be fairly easy for you.

If Escape Game: Aloha is your first room escape game, well it will be quite challenging.

But no worries after this one you’ll be an expert solving this type of puzzles.

I will keep an eye on the game to keep this post updated.

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Thanks for reading.