Escape Alcatraz walkthrough the follow-up to Escape the Titanic, a must-have game for puzzle/room escape lovers.


Bellow is the Escape Alcatraz walkthrough the entire game, with all you need to know get to through the whole game.

So grab your headphones and let’s get right into it:

Escape Alcatraz Walkthrough:


Very challenging, exactly how I like my puzzle apps.

You’ll definitely enjoy this one, no matter if you are a veteran on room escape games or this is your first one.

A Escape Alcatraz walkthrough request was more and more often in our inbox so it’s about time right?.

Great storyline, great graphics, very long, cool soundtrack, what else could we ask for the Escape Alcatraz walkthrough.

If your plan is to get through the game without help, we can tell it is possible.

We aren’t going anywhere though.

So you can always come here to the Escape Alcatraz walkthrough for help.

Very much enjoyable game it was, and a bit addictive.

I’ve found myself playing Escape Alcatraz in my free time just for fun.

There are some parts where it get’s very tricky.

But giving it a few minutes of thinking will definitely get the task done.

I liked the misery vibe throughout the game.

Alcatraz always had this interesting feeling in the background that has intrigue me for years.

Surely I’m not the only one, so great job creating this game based on this interesting location.

Good job on this one dear Escape Alcatraz’s developers.

Now what about performance.

Well, it perform pretty smooth on both my devices (Android and iOS).

Sometime the ads get in the way, but it wasn’t that bad.

Couldn’t find any bug throughout the game.

I’m sure there was some bug in the early versions.

It’s always nicer playing apps that you know have been through a good amount of patches and versions.

Escape Alcatraz walkthrough is what you looking for?.

Well, there you have it.

I’ll keep an eye on the game although we just finished it.

So if any major update is released we can update this post with the additional hints and answers.

So that’s it for Escape Alcatraz guys.

Hope you had fun as much as we did.

See you next time at Solved App.


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