DOOORS 5 Level 23 Walkthrough

DOOORS 5 – Room escape game by 58works


The game is DOOORS 5 and this is the walkthrough for the Level 23. The definitive DOOORS 5 Level 23 Answer. The actual DOOORS 5 Level 23 Solution.


Here are the walkthroughs for each and every DOOORS 5 level:

The new version of “DOOORS” is here!. This is our collection of every level walkthrough, answers, solutions and cheats.

DOOORS 5 stage clear-type escape game. Solve the hidden mysteries to open the doors and escape from the room.

In this new version there are a total of 40 stages with mysterious rooms which we’ve already solved for you… So let’s get into it.

If you are looking for the answers to DOOORS 5 walkthroughs, cheats and solutions here at SolvedApp we’ll bring you the DOOORS 5 help you need to get through every level.

DOOORS 5 is getting more and more popular, and among other room escape game apps this is our favorite so far (probably until DOOORS 6 get released). We’re sure you’ll love every DOOORS 5 answer we’ve prepared for you. Enjoy!

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