Disaster Will Strike is the game and today we’re beating it. Tired of all those little evil eggs? well we’ve taken a couple of hours (actually days) to help you sort out every level on Disaster Will Strike. Luckily we can record it on video and share it with you, here you got every Disaster Will Strike walkthrough on video so you can easily get it done.


Check out bellow is our list of Disaster Will Strike Walkthrough by levels:

LIST OF LEVELS / Disaster Will Strike Walkthrough

Playing Disaster Will Strike is as entertaining as exasperating. You basically have to solve a bunch of challenges in a world that is fighting to exterminate an overpopulation of little evil eggs that inhabit Jurassic territories. And how to deal with this evil characters? well you must make use very wisely with great sharpness and logic of all the tools that are presented in each level of our Disaster Will Strike Walkthrough.

During the first levels as usual it all seems way too simple not a challenge for us “experienced mobile gamers” right?, but wait until the advanced levels start to drop in, then both tools and challenges start to get challenging “really challenging” on our Disaster Will Strike Walkthrough you’ll notice the increase on difficulty, but no worries in the same way you move forward in every level you’ll learn new tricks and skills to overcome every new obstacle that the game will present you.

With every new tool presented in the Disaster Will Strike you’ll have a little introduction on how to use it. The tools will go from various calamities such as storms, swirls, bees, mudslides, floods and toxic diseases, to complex structures that you must review in order to activate correctly and destroy in the most practical way all those little evil eggs presented in cool graphics by the way.

Disaster Will Strike is a game of medium difficulty, good graphics, not too violent, suitable for all ages. But there’s one thing we didn’t like, a very common aspect lately, that is excesive advertising… oh boy Disaster Will Strike walkthrough has way many ads but great game apart from that.

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