⚡ Current Stream, another splendid puzzle app by ∞ Infinity Games. Here we have collected all the solutions level by level, so if you’re stuck simply visit our Current Stream walkthrough of that level and get it done easily.


Check out bellow is our list of Current Stream walkthrough by levels:

List of levels / ⚡ Current Stream walkthrough:

Welcome Pack

Power Pack

Electrician Pack

Tesla Pack

This is our ⚡ Current Stream walkthrough dedicated sections.

Here we’ll be adding Current Stream walkthrough every level as they get released with new updates.

As usual this another delightful puzzle from Infinity Games.

Current Stream is very simple to understand the mechanics and objectives.

Yet it get quite tricky later on, that’s why we have collected every level walkthrough, so you can get throughout easily.

The graphics and performance is flawless at least on Android we couldn’t find any bug/glitch.

The sounds in the app are OK, personally would’ve preferred something more upbeat.

Overall this is an app that you’ll enjoy for sure.

So that’s it for now, hope you our Current Stream walkthrough has helped you successfully completing every challenging level.

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