Hey good time for a Can You Escape The Desert walkthrough the entire game.


Find out how to get through the whole game in one session.

So let’s get to it:

Can You Escape The Desert Walkthrough:


Can You Escape The Desert is a point and click escape game.

A traveler was travelling on his camel in the desert and suddenly he was attacked and put in captivity by some strangers.

Now, the traveler needs your help to escape from the room in which he is locked up.

Collect clues and hints and interact with objects to solve the puzzles and by doing so you can find the key to unlock the room. Have fun!

I can tell it’s fun and quite challenging Can You Escape The Desert Walkthrough.

The graphics are neat.

Performance, can’t say it’s Can You Escape The Desert Walkthrough was the smoothest app experience but throughout the whole game didn’t find a bug, which is great.

Some puzzles were quite challenging, in fact I needed some help with two of them.

Lucky you, here is the entire Can You Escape The Desert walkthrough.

This is a very short game though, you can get it done while waiting for the bus.

Finding some objects is basically all you need to do.

Because with them you’ll be able to solve the puzzle.

There’s no way to get it done if you ignore a piece or object.

So focus on that and it will be fairly easy.

The Can You Escape The Desert walkthrough is meant to help you get through the whole game in a single session.

At the time there’s no version of the game Can You Escape The Desert available for iPhone/iPad/iPod only for Android devices.

For sure will keep an eye on the developer (Odd1 Apps).

Will be updating this page as soon as a new update gets released.

That’s it for this time!

See you on the next game walkthrough.

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