Another nice looking escape game by Odd1 Apps, let’s solve it. Here in this Can You Escape Abandoned Place Walkthrough you will find all the hints and answers you’ll need to get it done. Enjoy!


Check out bellow is our complete Can You Escape Abandoned Place walkthrough:

Can You Escape Abandoned Place Walkthrough:


Use this Can You Escape Abandoned Place Walkthrough as a guide to get every puzzle and challenge done quick and easy.

Fun as usual, this one is not so different to other escape games made by Odd1 Apps.

The graphics are great, but the overall experience throughout the game felt a bit sluggish in performance, controls are ok, simply point and click.

Can You Escape Abandoned Place is definitely enjoyable and will provide you a good couple of hours of pure fun.

It gets quite tricky in some parts but hey! here is the solution, simply come and watch our Can You Escape Abandoned Place Walkthrough and get it solved like a pro.

So that’s it for this one, enough puzzle solving for now. Share this walkthrough/guide if you like it, see you on the next one.

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