Oh boy, this one is addictive! Bricks Breaker Puzzle is one of those that you cannot stop playing after installing. It get very tricky later on but no worries here we got a Bricks Breaker Puzzle walkthrough for every level with all three 3 stars. Enjoy!


Here bellow is our list of Stages / Levels:

List of stages / Bricks Breaker Puzzle Walkthrough

While making the Bricks Breaker Puzzle walkthrough I got hooked by it’s awesome concept + mechanics.

The mission in Bricks Breaker Puzzle is to hit the bricks enough times to break them all.

You loose if the bricks hit the bottom, and you win when all the bricks are destroyed.

The trick to earn more points (and achieve more stars) is to break the most brick with each shot since you get a multiplier which only applies to bricks broken during that individual shot.

Also the more this little balls bounce the better and it’s always fun to get the in behind a wall of bricks, or somewhere they can’t get out until they break the bricks.

It is actually addictive I couldn’t stop playing a stage until I got all the 3 stars.

Yet simple but very interesting to see how many different shooting positions can get you to completing successfully a level in every Bricks Breaker Puzzle Walkthrough.

Highly recommended, Bricks Breaker Puzzle Walkthrough is not the greatest looking in terms of graphics but is way much fun than many other greater looking similar apps that I’ve tried.

Performance is great, sometimes it gets tedious to be closing the ads that pops out when starting a new stage of Bricks Breaker Puzzle Walkthrough.

Is available for both Android and iOS. Performance is pretty identical in both (high-end devices).

So that’s it for this Bricks Breaker Puzzle Walkthrough.

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