Playing Aqueducts and got stuck in a level? No worries here are the Aqueducts Solutions to all levels solved fast, easy and with all three stars. Visit this page whenever it get’s to hard, we’ll keep this guide updated with the new levels (as soon as they get released) enjoy.


Follow the list bellow to the Aqueducts level you’re trying to solve:

List of levels / Aqueducts Solutions

World X / Chapter XNew!

World I / Chapter I

World II / Chapter II

World III / Chapter III

World IV / Chapter IV

World V / Chapter V

World VI / Chapter VI

World VII / Chapter VII

World VIII / Chapter VIII

World IX / Chapter IX

Aqueducts is one of those games that leaves you with a strong satisfaction vibe every time you got a level completed.

No matter how long you’ve been playing Aqueducts, it’s always fun to solve a new level.

Aqueducts solutions aren’t available within the app (currently) so we decided to create this sections at to cover every level solution for Aqueducts.

The game is available for both Android and iOS we’ve tried it in both and the performance was identical.

The graphics and illustrations in Aqueducts are delightful, beautiful colors and smooth animations.

It is really a game to enjoy, you’ll get a good amount of delicious gameplay.

Aqueducts solutions are available here 24/7 so whenever you have a hard time getting though a level come check out our Aqueducts Solutions.

Your main task in Aqueducts is to prevent a drought in the city.

So you have to rotate the right section/parts to the position that allows the water to flow continuously to the end of the aqueducts.

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Thanks for reading! Hope this Aqueducts solutions sets you on the right path to the next level.

See you there.