Angry Birds Blast Level 87 • Let’s beat Angry Birds Blast 87

Angry Birds Blast Level 87 Walkthrough


This is how to beat Angry Birds Blast Level 87 without having to use any boosters, let’s get you out of the most trickiest levels of Angry Birds Blast.


Bellow is our Angry Birds Blast Level 87 walkthrough:

Angry Birds Blast Level 87:



And that’s how you can get Angry Birds Blast Level 87 done, without boosters.

Such a multitude of levels, Angry Birds Blast will have you covered (on fun) for months (if you’re starting from level 1).

As usual Rovio has created another outstanding game with smooth animations and solid performance on pretty much every device we’ve tested it on.

It’s a promise so you’ll never see us using boosters on any level of Angry Birds Blast, we want to prove that is possible (sometimes it isn’t but those are bugs the developers take care of with updates).

Angry Birds Blast Level 87 starts fairly easy but it get’s quite challenging later on, sometimes you’ll feel there’s no other option but to use a booster. Well there is a solution, simply visit our Angry Birds Blast guides and get back on track easily.

Our favorite thing about this one is that you just need a simple touch on the matching balloons and they are gone, no need for complicated gestures. Once you master the technique you’ll become a ninja on exploiting balloons.

So that’s it for Angry Birds Blast Level 87, enjoy! see you on the next level.

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