Solved: Amigo Pancho Peru Level 19 • Peru Completed

Amigo Pancho Peru Level 19


Let’s solve Amigo Pancho Peru Level 19, once again our dear Amigo Pancho is in trouble and so do we right? we’ve taken a couple of hours (actually days) to help our good old Mexican friend Pancho sort out every level on every country he went. Luckily for you here’s the complete walkthrough for Amigo Pancho Peru Level 19 on video so you can easily get it done.


Check out bellow our Amigo Pancho Peru Level 19 walkthrough:

Amigo Pancho Peru Level 19:



And that is how to beat Amigo Pancho Peru Level 19, try to repeat our movements, so you can sort out all the dangers and obstacles easily.

Amigo Pancho in a phrase: “Easy peasy until levels 15,16,17.. so on” that’s when every world in the game starts to get quite challenging.

In a nutshell about Amigo Pancho is this game about 40MB of pure fun, very much entertaining where you must help our dear Mexican friend Pancho to float up and up all the way to the very top of the mountain with the help of his handful of floating balloons.

With intelligence you must help Pancho to sort out all the obstacles and avoid every sharp object threatening to pop Pancho’s balloons.

Be careful along the way you’ll find all sort of crazy things like very pissed fighters, flying knives, thorny cactus, saws, and many more.

Usually there’s no big risks for Pancho and his balloons on the first levels as you can see on our Amigo Pancho Peru Level 19 walkthrough so you can sort out all the dangers and obstacles pretty easily at least until level 15 which in my personal opinion is when it gets more and more challenging to get our friend and his balloons safe and sound to the top of the mountain, from there you must plan every movement very carefully.

Not everything is perfect quite yet, we think some levels on the Amigo Pancho walkthrough get way too complicated and there isn’t even a tiny clue of what to do, so that is something the developers should seriously work on and also there is this bug that makes the app suddenly close, without warning… nothing.

But overall is a great game, simple but well thought, every level leaves you with the expectation of what could come up in the next one. Additionally has good graphics, lovely characters, very family friendly and not violent at all. Amigo Pancho Peru Level 19 walkthrough, a great game for school-age children as it reinforces their skills, ability and logic.

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