Escape Seasons 3 is the name on the Android Store but everybody calls it 100 Doors Seasons 3.


Great app, for sure! awesome quality, ads are sometimes a bit invasive but I’ve seen worse.

It gets quite challenging, that’s why we came up with this 100 Doors Seasons 3 walkthrough every level.

So no more talk, here is our list of posts with the solution for each one of the 100 Doors Seasons 3 walkthrough levels:

100 Doors Seasons 3 Walkthrough All Levels

100 Doors Seasons 3 by Bonbeart Games is a puzzle / room escape type of game.

At the time, it’s certainly one of the best looking room escape apps I’ve played in a while, graphics are delightful.

Graphics play a big part (at least for me) when it’s about puzzles and room escape games, good graphics improve the whole experience for sure, you can tell the quality is on fleek on each level of the 100 Doors Seasons 3 Walkthrough.

Over the last months, I’ve installed a lot of iOS and Android games on my devices, especially room escape puzzles, and most of them take the same cookie cutter concept and run with it.

100 Doors Seasons 3 walkthrough it’s without a doubt an exception at least on the graphics tier.

Controls are easy as it can be just point and touch / click find all the hidden objects.


Actually the hard part it’s trying to solve the puzzles.

The difficulty starts kicking after level 10 and get’s more challenging around the later 20s.

That’s not a problem no more since you can just peak our 100 Doors Seasons 3 Walkthrough.

Now that’s easy.

There are a few very interesting game mechanics in the 100 Doors Seasons 3 Walkthrough that you’ll notice.

Another point for 100 Doors Seasons 3.

I would recommend 100 Doors Seasons 3 to anybody (unless you don’t like puzzles).

From beginners to room escape experts, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.

So that’s it for 100 Doors Seasons 3 walkthrough.

I’ll be updating this posts as soon as the game releases an update.

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