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List of 100 Crypts walkthrough each level:

Great app, isn’t it? Room Escape apps are here to stay and 100 Crypts is a crystal clear example of the popularity of room escape games.

100 Crypts has over 4 million downloads so far counting only Android devices.

Starts easy, then you will feel the difficulty starts growing with each 100 Crypt’s level.

We found this app very much entertaining and a well deserved 4 stars, due to lack of updates lately but 100 Crypts was quite challenging overall and a great time for sure.

Try 100 Crypts if you haven’t yet, and remember every time you get stuck in one of the levels here are available 24/7 the 100 Crypts walkthrough, answers, cheats and solutions to each and every level.

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100 Crypts levels 1 to 10 walkthrough:


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